Other packages and courses

In summer when the heat only allows short outings we offer 2 tours in addition to our rectangle packages.
Conquering the wild nature of Gallura on horseback, we offer it with small and impressive walks! On lost paths, in the midst of Mediterranean scrub, arbutus, myrtle, wild broom, meeting the Sardinian tortoise (testudo marginata), hawks and wild boar. Wonderful valleys and surrounding mountains impress us. And again, the lagoon, with its marine inhabitants and water birds such as the heron, pink flamingos, or wild ducks, are to be observed in this protected area of the gulf. After the equestrian program, there are still some days to spend quietly discovering cultural Sardinia or the sea and the beach.

For individual packages, single day excursions, or overnight stays and/or packages out of the specified season, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. We’re more than happy to find together a way to create a program that suites You!