Thank You!

First off all, my biggest thanks goes to “Angel”, an incredible horse, with him everything started. Not only friend and brother but also my greatest master. Of course, not always easy, oh no, all the contrary… but still, wonderful, as the magic energy he exudes has no compare. I wish all the horse friends, at least once in their life, to meet a horse like him.
Furthermore I thank my partner Luciano for his never ending support, my nephews and my niece, who grew up with this wonderful animals, my riding students, friends, photographers, camera team, assistants, my guests who permit me to use their beautiful pictures, and all the people who helped to realize this website. Thank you for your endless patience to stay hours – no – entire days in front of a camera, in the arena, at the stable, on tour, in the country … and with all the tuff climate conditions you can imagine, with cold, windy, rainy, stormy and terrible hot weather ! And “last but not least”, thanks to my crew on 4 hoofs, for their excellent cooperation, as you can see, loving their job as much as I do! THANK to the horses, you give a sense to my life. These pictures are dedicated to you!