Basic dressage / show jumping course

(Prices on request)
Beginners, as well as riders will find an interesting dressage and show jumping program. On patient and calm horses, you will trust in, and specific lessons build up for you, make sure, you’ll have fun. First steps on cool and well-trained horses, make this course a success. If you’re already a rider, little suggestions and corrections of your seat – legs – and hand, give you soon a better understanding about the classical dressage, even without a bit. The same is valid for the show jumping course, with ground ricks and little jumps. A various program that, on one side, is based on the techniques of the classic school, and on the other hand, respect the natural horsemanship as you don’t use any whip, spurns, bit … It is simply a highlight for any rider who loves classic riding, based on a true friendship with the horse.