Neck ring riding

(Prices on request)
We introduce our three horses who has been especially trained for neck ring riding: Namib, our pure Arabian gelding, and the two Anglo Arab mares, Uzzana and Marchesa.

Not only horses get bored by always repeating the same exercises, but also people do. And just as our horses should have a varied program, it is also important for us not to do a monotonous job. Ride differently, without saddle, stirrups, reins or halters, only with a “ring”, as well as the native Americans! … that’s good not only for our balance, or to discover how less do we ride “really” with our hands and how much with legs and weight? But also, it is good for our perception of feeling the horse. And here we are again: only with a collar, we can no longer intervene conventionally, but we are forced to interact and communicate with the horse in a different way. An inner way, building up a special connection to the animal … however, this led us to one thing: trust in our horse and feel the sense of freedom it gives to us!