Centre based tour Gallura (also for trail beginners)

How many of you dream about making a trail, but are not sure about having the right body condition to follow a group for several mails with speedy running? Or others simply do not have the perfect environment, or not the right horse … then, this is your chance! This center – based beginner trail is for everyone who loves horses and nature. As we bring you back every afternoon to the hotel, you avoid an annoying daily suitcase packing, and have time for a good evening relax. On this trail you’ll explore the Sardinian flora passing by the typical Mediterranean scrub, the wild strawberry tree, the wild broom and the myrtle bushes. Also, the Sardinian wildlife is worth to be seeing: the Sardinian tortoise, hawks and wild boars, will cross sometimes our way… The challenging terrain is mastered playfully by our pure Arabian and Anglo – Arab horses and is a pleasure for every country rider. Discover one of the most beautiful islands on top of a reliable friend: the horse.
  • Day 1:
    Arrival, in the afternoon meeting and dinner.
  • Day 2:
    In the morning You have a short tour on a 30-ha cork plantation.
  • Day 3:
    Today, we ride to “La Silvaredda”, which means in the Sardinian term “the wild land”; and in fact, the impressive Granit Rocky Mountains, the dense bush vegetation and its suggestive river crossings, remember a bit the wild west.
  • Day 4:
    This time, we ride heading south. Crossing the vastness in the valley, then our way goes up the hill until we’ll reach the little country church of Santa Maria della grazia, where we stop for a rest. Nearby the church we’ll find rustically seat facilities. Afterwards, shady sand paths with typical oak and wild olive trees lead us back to the valley.
  • Day 5:
    Crossing the hinterland of Arasana our ride today takes us to Macciucatu. Sometimes on off roads, sometimes on small paths, which meander up to the Monte Pino mountain. Here nature changes again from a bush vegetation into a wild forest. On top you got a great view on the surrounding mountain chain. Down the hill on our way home, we cross the Lu Madjone canyon. Sometimes on our way we see the “stazzus” (ancient Sardinian house construction), cow and horse pastures and farms. Back in the valley, we have a break for lunch before we start our way home.
  • Day 6:
    On the traces of the hidden island, today we ride on forgotten paths, beside old cow farms and granite rocks, pinewoods, and breath-taking canyons to the Monti Santu mountain! From the top you can even see the sea. The first part of our ride takes us up into the mountains, with its bizarre rock formations. Afterwards, we ride to Santu Santino, where we have lunch in the middle of a fairy tale forest, with its hundred years old oak trees and moss – covered round rocks. Here, even in summer the natural spring water runs out from the rocky wall to the stream.
  • Day 7:
    Today, our highlight, beach and sea! Our tour goes or to the lagoon of Cannigione, or otherwise to the coast of Liscia Ruja, depending on the season and weather conditions. Riding to the lagoon, we cross a small path with thick vegetation, arriving to a eucalyptus wood. From here we enter straight into the water! At some points the sea is so deep that the horses might swim to cross the bay; than we ride to “Lu Postu”. Riding along the sandy beach we have a fantastic view to the open sea and on the other side to the Granit mountains of San Pantaleo. Or, another tour takes us to the Liscia Ruja coast and its homonymous beach. Riding along a sandy way surrounded by Mediterranean scrub, we arrive up to the cliffs with a spectacular view from the top, down to the open sea. The small path is bordered by the wild broom and its beautiful yellow flowers.
  • Day 8:
    Departure after breakfast.
Dates, services, hints

8 days/ 7 overnight stays, double room with bathroom/shower. Full board, ¼ table wine at dinner (for lunchtime a lunch –packet), English speaking guide.

Centre based tour Gallura
Price on request

Weekly bookable from October 1st to May 31st

Maximum weight 90 kilogram (weight control on arrival)

From 2 until 6 hours daily (except first day, short tour)

Horses: Anglo –Arab, pure Arabian horse, Haflinger

Tack: English trekking saddles, mostly bit – less or snaffle bit

Riding experiences: good knowledge in all the basic gaits; light seat; comfortable pace, even for “not top trained” riders suitable. Small, clear groups, from minimum 1 up to 5 persons. Bigger groups on request.

Transfer from / to Olbia airport € 35,00 p. p.2